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How to Create a Smooth Finish on Black Furniture

Painting a piece black can be a daunting task. While at first black seems to be an easy color to paint, once you begin painting a piece you begin to see streaks and flaws in the color. Here are my quick and easy tips for getting a smooth finish with black paint. 

  1. Clean your piece and sand any rough spots.
  2. Use Debi's DIY Little Black Dress Paint. This is are darkest black paint. DIY paint is full of pigment so this paint is dark.
  3. Paint two coats of Little Black Dress allowing each coat to dry completely.
  4. Use Debi's DIY Clear Wax over the whole piece.
  5. Follow the clear wax with Debi's DIY Black Wax. The black wax will ensure a smooth, black finish. 
  6. Wait 24 hours or overnight before buffing with a soft cloth. 
  7. If you see any spots that need more wax use the black wax on those spots and repeat the buffing. 

You can learn how I created the pictured piece on my YouTube video.https://youtu.be/DodIofsGpVc .

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