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IOD Announces a Change in Paint Inlays Releases

The IOD Sisters made an announcement about inlays this week.

"Hello IOD Family,
We have an important update to share with you! As part of our commitment to preserving the unique artisanal essence of our Paint Inlays and avoiding market saturation, we're transitioning to an exclusive limited-release model for this product.
This shift ensures each design remains a coveted piece of art while allowing us to offer a broader array of exciting designs for you to explore and enjoy.
We are already working on next year's designs, and we know you are going to be giddy when you see what we’ve been up to!
What does this mean for new paint inlay designs?
Each new release will be a limited edition, with only a certain number produced and no restocks. To secure your favorite designs, we recommend purchasing them as soon as they're available.
What does this mean for existing paint inlay designs?
Our existing inlay designs won't be restocked. If there's a design you love, now's the time to get it from your local stockist before it's gone forever."

I currently have almost all the inlays in stock online. I will not be reordering any of the current designs. I have 3 or 4 of most designs with the exception of Debi Beards beautiful design of which i have plenty.

So if there is one you have been wanting to try better get it soon.I am however, well stocked I'm looking forward to the new designs. If you haven't tried an inlay yet they are really fun to do and once you have tried it you will discover they are not as intimidating as you thought. Watch this video to see how easy they are to use.


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