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Totally New Crafting Concept - Paint Inlays

Are you ready for this? Iron Orchid Designs has come up with a completely new crafting idea called Paint Inlays.

What are they? 

Paint inlays are actual paint printed on a sheet of paper that you transfer into wet chalk paint. They are unbelievably beautiful. 

Here is a link to a video of the new product. 


You can get them on my website. I will ship Monday, October 25th. 


We have two colors. Rose Chintz are lovely shades of pinks, rose and green florals. Indigo Floral is a dark blue print. 


Detailed directions on how to use this new product are on the package and I will also send detailed printed instructions with your purchase. 

Have fun with this new concept. 

Happy Crafting....Kathy

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